Future outlook

Synjectos VN LLC will develop within the HiTECH Medic JSC group new products which are already in the pipeline and patents and utility models, respectively, are already submitted .
Our focus will be, due to the Vision of HiTechMedic JSC, to provide our customers, the surgeons, hospitals and the patients, state of the art and beyond, treatment options which will be oriented by the need of our customers.

In 2001 an incidence of surgical site infections in Vietnam was reported to be 8.6% for clean-contaminated, 12.2% for contaminated and 43.9% for dirty wounds
(D Nguyen et. Al. Infect. Contr. Hosp. Epidemiol. 2001 Aug, 22(8)).

The incidence of overall surgical site infections was reported to be 12.5%, but increases to 22.8% in contaminated wounds ending by 44.6% in dirty wounds. This is in majority caused by motor-vehicle associated accidents, which is the primary cause of trauma related surgical orthopedic hospitalizations in Vietnam at present (L.T.A. Thu et al, Journal of Hospital Infections (2005) 60, 360-367).

These numbers are supported by an assessment of surgical site infection rates in seven cities in Vietnam still to be 15.8% in case of open fracture reduction
(Nguyen Viet Hung et al. Surg. Infect. 2016 Apr;17(2):243-9).

Additionally it is reported, that there is an increasing rate of antimicrobial resistancy to third-generation cephalosporines and aminoglycosides (Annette H. Sohn Inf. Contr. & Hosp. Epidemiol. July 2002, Vol 23, Issue 7, pp 382-387).
It is well known, that often systemically applied antibiotics do not reach the desired level of concentration around the affected surgical site, especially in bone without having a risk of side effects, due to exorbitant high dosages to be applied.

Synjectos VN LLC will focus on what are the needs of our customers, therefore we ill develop in the near future a solution to give another innovative product in the hands of surgeons to restore their patients health in terms of infected wounds.