There are already existing Bone Substitute Material on the market. But none of them produce at a low-cost. Currently, Western orthopedic device firms, get most of their business through Western developed countries. Patients there are willing and able to spend their money on sophisticated orthopedic devices. Most of those Bone Substitute material on the market are too expensive for the low and most middle class Asian consumers. Therefore, Synjectos® will establish local factories in SE Asia to make basic, low-cost versions of those top of the line Western products for the SE Asian market and doing so making it affordable for the low and middle class SE Asian patients. The package concept of Synjectos® also saves resources and avoids excessive garbage in the hospital.

We understand that our target market needs more than just Bone Substitute (BSM) Material. The need grew out of the special needs of a Bone Cement all in one system, which makes the surgical procedure easier, faster, safer and cheaper. Our target SE Asian surgeons wants to have this new possibility which they consider as a major improvement. There is a need for a low-cost Bone Cement all in one system, which solves patient and surgeon problems especially in developing countries like Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We don’t just sell a BSM, we sell a new concept and a new low-cost surgical procedure.